Let’s introduce you to Erich Miller, chair of the CHArting the Future (CTF) committee.

Tell us a little about yourself?
My wife Beth and I have 2 kids. Our daughter Abi graduated from CHA in 2011, and is currently attending Louisville High School.  Our son, Erich A., is a CHA fourth grader. My career has been as a musician, and I have studied architecture, been involved in building design and construction, as well as politics. Now I get to put all of those skills together in this one exciting effort.  I am currently in my second year on the CHA Board of Trustees.

What is your CHA story?
We came to CHA looking for a middle school for our daughter. As Midwestern transplants we were crazy about the campus setting. We were looking for a place not just to educate our kids, but a place that would give our kids a passion for learning. We loved the curriculum and were blown away by the faculty.

We are involved parents. On our first tour of the campus the Head of Middle School enthusiastically pointed out that the sport court was initiated and built by parents who saw a need and filled it. We were hooked.

Why did you want to get involved in the CHArting the Future Project?
There was a need to deal with the current buildings on campus. As a board member, I  took action with other parents to give our kids, and our award-winning faculty, a campus they deserve. A campus for a 21st Century education. A place that will integrate the education that we value with a facility that will prepare our children for the future.

Like those founding families did over 30 years ago, we will pull together to build something special for our kids.

Tell us about the CTF team.
CTF is a group of dedicated and talented individuals with expertise in finance, real estate, construction, architecture, and marketing, as well as residential and commercial development.  This team will work with architects on design;  land use consultants on maneuvering through the LA City bureaucracy;  civil engineers, utility companies, neighbors, government officials, financial institutions, and of course lawyers.

How can people contact you if they have any questions?
You will see me around campus over the next few months measuring, marking, or presenting the model to the students.  You can stop me at any time.  You can also leave a comment here or send an email to the CTF office.  My email is erich(dot)miller(at)chaschool(dot)org. I am always available to talk and answer questions.

Any final thoughts?
At CHA, we are all parents. Some are board members, and some are not, but all of us are committed to securing CHA’s future.

This is our school community. This is our project  This is our legacy.

*  *  *  *  *

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