You know that saying, “every moment is a teaching moment?”

The teachers and staff at CHA are exploring ways to help the students understand the process CHArting the Future.

There will be a lot of activity on campus next year, and we want our students to understand the why, how and when.  Our teachers are providing opportunities for students to participate in a way that relates to what they are learning in the classroom.

Last Friday, Mr. Gerrity invited Erich Miller to his 5th grade math class to talk about the new building, and specifically the real-life application of “scale”.

Erich explained the process of translating a two-dimensional blueprint into a three-dimensional model using a 1/16 scale.

The class demonstrated the concept of scale by converting feet into inches, calculating ratios to determine size. In his model, Erich created people out of pins.  Do you know how tall a 6 foot person would be when you convert them to 1/16 scale?  These 5th graders do.

The students were excited and had lots of questions about the new campus.

“What will happen to the oak tree?”
Erich explained that the oak tree will be honored in its current location.  As a bonus, our project will give us the opportunity to grow new trees, plants and vegetation that are native to California, and will thrive in the area.

“Will we still have lockers?”
Yes.  The plans are not finalized, and some of these details are being worked out as we move along.  The kids then offered some creative suggestions of where the lockers could go.

“Will we still get to go on hikes?”
Yes.  The area around CHA is nature at it’s best, and it’s a unique feature that is an integrated part of the curriculum at CHA.  Keeping the hikes is a must for these students.

“Will we still have Smartboards?”
Yes.  The technology that we invested in will be moved into the new facility, and more will be added.  Every classroom will have a Smartboard.  That is a part of our school culture, and opens up an educational door that is of great importance to all of us.

The students asked questions about property lines, carpool drop off and the architectural elements of the model.

They were excited to hear about the Multi-Purpose Room that will allow them to have lunch indoors when it is raining or cold outside.  It’s also the place where parents and students will gather for assemblies and sports activities.  (Can you hear the crowd cheering?)

When told that the new site will bring the whole school closer together, one student exclaimed “Yeah, it won’t be such a long walk.”

We think they’re pretty excited about what’s to come.  And we’re excited to share more with them, and with you.  Look for more posts in the coming weeks about how CTF is incorporated “In the Classroom.”