We’ve heard a few questions from the CHA community regarding our exciting project.  We’re answering some of them in the first of a series we like to call FAQ @ CTF.

1. Where is the new facility going to go?
The photo below lays out the plan over an aerial view of our current property.

To give you perspective, the R-S-T Building is to the right of future Buildings 4 and 6.  The oak tree is our centerpiece, to the left of Building 1B, the Multipurpose Room.

Click on the photo to get a closer look.

2. What is a C.U.P?
C.U.P. is short for Conditional Use Permit- “an ask to the city for a variance from the legislated uses of the land in a particular zone of Los Angeles.”  In our case, that means we are permitted to run a school in this area as long as we meet certain conditions. We will explain more on the subject when we introduce you to our Land Use Consultants in a later post.

3. Will we have the same number of classrooms?
The old CUP allowed for 23 classrooms. The new campus and CUP allows for 24, which includes the Multipurpose Building.  We will have the same number of classrooms and capacity.  However, we will build classrooms specifically designed for the subjects of Art, Music and Science.

4. How will carpool work?
All students will be dropped off in front of the Administration building, which as you can see in the photo above is front and center of the new campus.

Carpool will work very much like it does today, with Middle School and Lower School arriving at different drop-off and pick-up times to mitigate traffic.

Allowances have been made so Early Childhood may park and stroll directly to their classrooms.  That means they won’t have to push strollers up the hill.

5. When will construction start?
Construction is scheduled to begin this summer.

6.  Does the new facility allow for parking on campus?
We will have 67 parking spaces which will easily accommodate our daily needs.

7. Will we have summer camp during construction?
CHA will host camp this summer.  Keep an eye out for more information about our summer program.

8.  Will classes be held in R-S-T during construction?
Middle School classes will be held in existing rooms on the upper campus to avoid interference from daily construction.  R-S-T may still be used for special events throughout the year.

9. Will we still get to use the athletic field?
Yes, we will still have access to the athletic field during construction.  The  field is also a part of the new campus and will be used more often when we are closer to it.

10.  What was that star on the “You are Here” post?
Although we enjoyed hearing your guesses on the post, we are not currently considering a heliport on campus.  The star was located in Building 1A, Administration and is the spot for Mrs. Gillinger’s office.

Do you have a question about the new campus?  We’re ready to answer it. Leave a comment here or on our Facebook page.