CHA has brought together an amazing team to help us get through this exciting – but involving – project.  We are lucky to have dedicated and talented parents and community members that are bringing their knowledge and expertise together as part of the CHArting the Future Committee.

We’d like to introduce you to 3 of them.

Victor Cosentino and his wife Susan have 2 children currently at CHA; Matthew in 7th grade, and Lauren in 3rd grade. Their oldest son, Will graduated CHA last year and is now attending Crespi Carmelite High School.

Victor was a Board of Trustees member for 9 years, serving 2 terms as President.  Victor’s commitment to CHA, along with his expertise as a lawyer, makes him a valuable part of the CTF team.  His role is to serve mostly as the team historian.

Victor’s thoughts on CHArting the Future:
CHA needed to improve and modernize its campus.  As a trustee, I also came to understand that CHA needed to reduce the amount it spent for its facilities.  The CTF plan achieves all that while keeping the soul and character of CHA unchanged. It is a huge win for our students and the future of our school.  

What is he most looking forward to about the new facility?
“Though I am excited about many aspects of the new facility, I am most looking forward to the new multi-purpose building.”

Scott Rabin and his wife Gaynor have 2 children at CHA; Lauren in 4th grade and Amanda in 2nd grade.  They also have two grown sons, Kevin and Steven.  Scott is a Principal at Buck Consultants, where he focuses on Healthcare and Benefits consulting.

This is Scott’s third year on the Board of Trustees, and his first year as President of the Board.  He was the original Chair of the CTF committee before turning it over to Erich Miller.

Scott’s thoughts on CHArting the Future:
“As a board member, we take our responsibility to ensure that the strategic plan for the future of CHA is every bit as bright as its history.  It was clear to us that the opportunity to build a state of the art campus on our own property would do just that.  Our CHA family will have an outstanding facility that will match the outstanding education our children have always received here, and a cost structure that will enable both stability and growth for the future”

What is he most looking forward to about the new facility?
“Most looking forward to the whole package…a campus as wonderful and
up-to-date as the education it provides for our kids.”

Peter Schifrin and his wife Wendy have a daughter, Grace, in 4th grade.  Peter works as an insurance claims adjuster and private investigator.

Peter was an original member of the CTF Committee.  He spent a lot of time evaluating the options for the school and making plans for the future of CHA.  He is currently the Board of Trustees Treasurer and tracks the budget and expenses for CTF.

Peter’s thoughts on CHArting the Future:
“Each time the CTF work is a challenge I remind myself of what a huge improvement it will be for current and future CHA students.  As board members we are challenged to create long term stability for CHA. CTF will accomplish that goal.”

What is he most looking forward to about the new facility?
“I am very excited about the financial stability the new campus will create for CHA. I also think it will be a great environment for learning… and I won’t miss walking up the hill!”