Yesterday, the Los Angeles Planning and Land Use Management (“PLUM”) Committee voted unanimously to support CHA’s application for a Conditional Use Permit (“CUP”).

Twenty CHA parents, faculty members and supporters were on-hand, as City Councilmember and PLUM Committee member Mitch Englander voiced his passionate support for CHA. Englander echoed the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council’s endorsement of CHA’s “Charting the Future” project, and acknowledged the approval granted by the City Planning Commission.

Englander referenced CHA’s 34 years of community service, and specifically reflected on CHA’s role in the 2008 Chatsworth Metrolink train collision.  “This is the site where the community didn’t run away from the school, it ran towards it”, Councilmemeber Englander stated.

Last month, a group identified as the “Chatsworth Area Resident’s Association” filed an appeal against CHA’s CUP application citing concerns over the environmental impact of our new campus.  Prior to filing for our CUP, CHA hired environmental consultants to do a thorough impact study, and was therefore well prepared with an extensive 500-page application supported by results of the study.   Our position was further supported with a report from the City’s own Planning Commission.  The PLUM Committee agreed that environmental concerns were without merit and voted unanimously to uphold the permit.

After the meeting, Councilmember Englander met with CHA supporters in the City Hall lobby.  Englander told CHA sixth grade student Samantha, “I’m doing this for you and all the children, not for the adults.”

The City Council will review CHA’s CUP application, along with the endorsements of the PLUM Committee, the City Planning Commission and the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council, on May 22nd.  Full approval is expected.

The CHA Community is grateful for the support of Councilman Mitch Englander, our land use consultants Brad Rosenheim and Chris Murray, and our attorney Lisa Weinberg.  Their hard work and committment is truly CHArting the Future.