Last Saturday, CHA celebrated the launch of our Every Family Campaign.

Capital Campaign Co-Chair Victor Cosentino announced our campaign progress to date.  In the early phase of our Capital Campaign, $1,005,610 was raised from leadership gifts and major donors.

UPDATE – since Saturday, more pledges have come in.  As of today, the total is:

This event was a celebration of what we have done, and what we still have to do.  The Every Family Campaign will now reach out to the CHA community and lead us to our goal of $1.6 million.

At the Launch, the Lorax was everywhere, encouraging our community to “Let it Grow”.

While the children enjoyed games, parents toured the project site and met with members of the CHArting the Future Committee.  For many, it was their first in-depth look into what will be our new home.

Student leaders from Middle School led the Pledge of Allegiance…

…and Every Family Campaign Co-Chairs Todd and Michelle Sardella introduced the classroom Ambassadors.

In the coming weeks, Ambassadors from the Every Family Campaign will reach out to CHA families and ask for support of the project.

While it is important to reach our Campaign goal of $1.6 million, it is more important that we have 100% participation from all families.  This is our time to come together and create our vision of a 21st Century school.

Now it’s time to let it grow.

Photos courtesy of Cinda Romano.